Speaking at Your Conference or Event

I offer bespoke presentations, including after-dinner talks, lectures, multimedia presentations, workshops, and conference talks on a variety of topics in the area of human behaviour and relationships. I work with partners from a wide range of industries and professions, including medical professionals, relationship counsellors, teachers, and more.

My recent platforms include conferences/events run by IQ Analytics, WIBF,Care Fertility,Edinburgh Dental Specialists, The Reproductive Health Group, Relationships Scotland, the Professional Speaking Association,Ragged University, the Spice Club, and Empirical Sex.

To arrange a presentation for your conference or event, please contact me.

Please also see Corporate Speaking.

Popular Keynotes:

* This is by no means an exhaustive list and I’d be delighted to tailor a talk or workshop to the themes of your event. For more detail about the topics below, or to organise a talk on a different subject, please contact me.

  • How Monkeys Taught Me to Take Risks
  • Embrace Your Inner Female: How to capitalise on female traits instead of aspiring to the male way
  • Covert Competition: How Women Can Stop Holding Each Other Back
  • How to be Happy in Your Own Skin: Making the Most of Your Personality
  • Menopause: Navigating Your Personal Journey
  • Surviving Maternity Leave with Your Mental & Emotional Health Intact
  • Myths of Attraction
  • The Scent of Attraction
  • Are We Built for Monogamy?