Using my biological approach to understanding and improving relationships, behaviours, and state of mind, I can help you achieve success and satisfaction at work, and to improve your personal well-being in several ways.

Support for Women:

  • One-to-One Consultation
  • Workshops: live or online
  • Maternity Career Support Program in collaboration with Vilo Sky

If you’d like to arrange a one-to-one consultation please please Contact me.

We’re in the process of setting up dates and venues for our Women’s Workshops and for our Maternity Career Support Program. These will initially take place in Edinburgh but will be rolled out across the UK and abroad.

If you’d like information about dates and content when this becomes available please Contact me.

Workshop Topics

The Science of What Men & Women Want

  • The biology of what men want, and what we want
  • Personality & relationships
  • Are men and women built for monogamy?

The Science of Finding the Right Man

  • Attachment styles and finding a partner for a happy, healthy relationship
  • Scent of Attraction: the vital importance of sniffing out the right partner
  • Relationships and changing gender roles: who wears the pants and how to we maintain desire




The Science of Having it All: Health, Wealth & Relationships for Women

  • Can women “have it all”? Finding the right partner for the life you want.
  • Covert Competition: How women can stop holding each other back
  • Hormonal Intelligence: Optimising our oestrogen levels for health, fertility & relationships.

The Science of Success for Women

  • The biology of beauty, bitching & bullying: Hormones and competition in the workplace
  • Which gender is in short supply? Finding the right sex ratio for your career, ambition, sex & relationships
  • The optimal hormone profile for good leadership and how to achieve it
  • Women’s identity conflict: how to integrate your professional and feminine personas to become a better negotiator and more productive