Give Fathers Respect for Being Hands-On Dads: It’ll be Better for Everyone

What’s the best way to father? Looking at things from a biological perspective the answer is – it depends.

It depends on the options available to a man: fathers, like all humans, are very flexible in the strategies they follow, and the best way to be a dad will depend on what the kids need from him and what he’s in a position to provide.

Why are Some Women Really Good at Negotiating?

This week the BBC revealed a shocking difference between the earnings of top male and female presenters, with two thirds of top earners being men. The backlash from female TV personalities has begun, according to the Telegraph, “with one well-known name saying the corporation is stuffed with “male ‘intellectual titans’ with egos the size of planets” who have demanded huge salaries and got them.” 

And that’s just it. We all know, if you don’t ask you don’t get. And men not only ask – they demand. 

Covert Competition: Are Women Holding Each Other Back at Work?

We women don’t like to think of ourselves as competitive. We’re all sugar and spice, and men are the ones who shout and beat each other up, right? 

Most of us think we’re far too nice to compete with other women. But we do. We all do. We just do it in a different way from men because over evolutionary time we’ve had different pressures and needs to fulfil. Although quick caveat here: it’s worth noting that as with all gender differences, there’s a wide spectrum of competition styles in men and in women with lots of overlap, so there will always be exceptions. 

Want More Women in the Boardroom? Make the Boardroom More Attractive to Women.

In news breaking today leading UK companies have been reported as coming up with “pitiful” and “patronising” excuses as to why they don’t have more women on their executive boards. 

Excuses highlighted in the government-backed review ranged from claims that the issues covered in the boardroom are too complex for women (duh… I don’t think so) or the fact that a company had one woman in their boardroom and that meant they’d done enough – it’s someone else’s turn, they said! 

Well these comments are obviously sooo last century and need to be booted out pronto. But I did notice one comment that has a grain of truth in it: