Need help to find a great partner for a rewarding, secure relatonship?

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  • Are you single and looking for a partner but feel that all the good guys are taken?
  • Do you keep lusting after edgy, sexy guys but find when it comes to relationships they don’t meet your needs?
  • Do you find it impossible to fancy nice, considerate men?
  • Have you tried online dating but find yourself wasting time messaging and meeting totally unsuitable men?
  • Are you an older single woman and finding that men your own age are going after much younger women?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes” then I feel your pain! I’ve been there myself and it was tough going. Eventually though I began to realise, given I’ve spent the last 15 years researching and writing on human behaviour, that I should take a more scientific approach!

So I started applying my knowledge of the biology and evolutionary psychology of mate choice and dynamics to my relationship decision-making, with the result that I’m now happily married to a wonderful man. If I’d stuck with my old relationship habits I’d never have given him a chance and wouldn’t have discovered what a total gem he is!

I can help you to do what I’ve done. If you’d like to have a one-to-one chat with me over video-link (or just audio if you prefer) I can talk you through the science of attraction and relationships, as well as bringing my own relationship experience to bear. We’ll talk about the importance of mate value matching, personality, attachment styles, sex ratios and more, and we’ll discuss your own history and particular issues and concerns.

I can’t 100% guarantee that you’ll find your soul-mate – nobody can – but I can seriously increase your chances by helping you to:

  • Stop wasting time on men who aren’t good relationship material
  • Identify the kind of man you can be yourself with and can blossom with
  • Increase your opportunities for meeting good potential partners
  • Find the right kind of man sexy
  • Understand which men are in your league so that you can attract one, be attracted to him, feel confident that you can keep him, and be happy to stay with him in a rewarding and secure relationship.

If this sounds like the help you need, contact me and in the message box give me an idea of your particular issues and concerns around relationships and finding a partner. That way I can let you know if I’m confident I can help and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can. If you prefer we can have a free, quick, no-strings-attached chat on the phone before the main call.

Please contact me to arrange a call Contact Me

Rates: Skype calls are GBP 50 per hour, payable in advance by bank transfer or Paypal.