Margaret Thatcher was the UK’s first female Prime Minister, but many would argue that she did little, if anything, to improve women’s lot, and she was the archetypal “Queen Bee”, the stereotype of the alpha-female who sets herself apart from other women.

At the same time, junior women tend to be reluctant to shout about their achievements and skills, partly because of the backlash that comes from other women at their own level: “Who does she think she is?!”

Men and women both compete intensely with others of their own gender, but they tend to compete in different ways and for different things because in our evolutionary past we’ve had different pressures and needs to fulfill. In this talk I will explain how for women this has led to some positives but also many difficulties in collaborating with other women, particularly in traditional, especially male-stereotypical, workplaces. I’ll conclude by showing what we can do to improve things for women.

Ideal Audience:

Female entrepreneurs, business leaders, or employees.