Our two closest relatives in the animal kingdom are, firstly, chimpanzees, where the males are aggressively in charge, and secondly the bonobos where the females call the shots and life is a lot more chilled. Why the difference in these very similar looking species? It’s because in bonobos the females form alliances with each other, and this allows them to outrank males and lead their groups peacefully.

I think we can learn from our bonobo sisters. In this talk I’ll show how traditional large corporations tend to be led with a dominance style of leadership, where the most powerful individuals (mostly men) keep everyone else in line. Conditions in modern western society however are opening the way for prestige-leadership to take over; this is where people follow you because they value your experience and skill.

In this talk, I’ll explain the steps we can take to move towards prestige-based, flatter organisational structures with greater equality and greater inclusivity in decision making.

I’ll show how we can help women form alliances and get into positions of influence. This will help organisations evolve naturally into more prestige-based structures, given that, like bonobo females, women tend to have a more inclusive style – and this will create a happier, healthier and more productive male and female workforce.

Ideal Audience:

Entrepreneurs and business leaders especially, but also employees.