The phase of life known as menopause affects 50% of the population directly and a large proportion of the rest indirectly. For many, menopause presents challenges in terms of lifestyle, health, work and relationships, and yet in spite of all this, it’s a part of life that tends to be very poorly understood. In this talk I’ll address this by explaining what menopause is: what’s actually going on with our hormones, and what’s menopause for – that is, its biological function. We’ll discuss the variety of mental and physical symptoms that often accompany menopause and the issues many women face as a result.

I’ll go on to talk about what we need to take into account when deciding on treatments for our symptoms, since the risks and benefits are different for everyone. I’ll talk about how menopause can affect sex, relationships with partners, and the issues that come up at work. Finally, there will be discussion of the reasons to be cheerful and I’ll explore the particular, and perhaps unrecognized, benefits that older women bring to the workplace.

Ideal Audience:

Entrepreneurs, business leaders, or employees (men as well as women since it’s important for everyone to understand what’s going on with menopause)