In our society we tend to think of monogamy and the nuclear family as the way humans were meant to be, but in fact, such a family and relationship structure is a relatively rare in human history. So what is our “natural” state, and should we stick with one partner for the long haul?

In this talk I’ll delve into the world of sociosexuality, or sexual restrictedness, and explore the factors determining whether men are committed guys or playboys, whether women are coy and choosy or playing the field. We’ll get on to the thorny subject of infidelity and I’ll reveal the reasons why men and women tend to be unfaithful, why married men have affairs and why some women are willing to be mistresses. I’ll conclude with a discussion of whether or not humans have evolved to be monogamous or whether we should look at different models for relationships. Can we make monogamy work, where does love come in, and can science help us?

Ideal Audience:

Anyone that’s likely to have a relationship